Selling in Five Steps with Van Triest Makelaardij
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  1. Introduction

    The introduction typically takes place in the property to be sold. Together with the real estate agent, you walk through the house. The agent points out any adjustments or provides styling tips to present the property perfectly for sale. For selling a house, we may also utilize styling agencies or assist you with the right styling. Subsequently, the agent, in coordination with the market, your preferences, and the sales strategy, establishes a selling price.

  2. Promotion and Viewings

    If you decide to work with Van Triest Real Estate, we ensure proper promotion. First, we send a pre-offer to real estate agents and potential buyers. Then, a suitable and compelling text is created. If necessary, we prepare the property for sale. What makes your house unique? That's what we're looking for. We use your 'Unique Selling Points' and highlight them. A digital brochure is also created. We share the property via social media channels.

    Next are the viewings. We cluster viewings but ensure that each buyer also has some alone time with the agent in the house to ask questions.

  3. Bidding Process

    At some point, depending on the chosen strategy and demand for the property, proposals come in. All proposals will be discussed with you. We explain the pros and cons of the proposals so you can make the right choice.

  4. Purchase Agreement

    The purchase agreement is drawn up at the notary. We review the purchase agreement for you and will be present at the notary to ensure everything goes smoothly and to negotiate further if necessary.

  5. Inspection and Deed of Delivery

    Before handing over the keys at the notary, you, the buyers, and us walk through the house. The agent records the meter readings and inspects the property to ensure it is delivered in the right condition. Then, at the notary, it's time: you receive the purchase amount, and the keys go to the new owner. Champagne!

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