The meeting generally takes place in the house to be sold. You walk through the house together with the estate agent. The agent will point out any adjustments or give you advice on styling. stylingtips to present the house as perfectly as possible for the sale. For selling a house we also make use of styling agencies or we will help you with the right styling. After that, the estate agent will determine a selling price in coordination with the market, your own wishes and the sales strategy.


If you decide to go ahead with Van Triest makelaardij, we will take care of the right promotion. First of all, we send out a preliminary offer to estate agents and potential buyers. Next, we create an appropriate and recruiting text. If necessary, we make the house ready for sale. What makes your house unique? That is what we are looking for. We use your 'Unique Selling Points' and highlight them. We also make a digital brochure. We share the house through social media channels.

Next are the viewings. We cluster the viewings, but make sure that every buyer also has a moment alone with the estate agent to ask questions.


At some point, depending on the chosen strategy and the demand for the property, the proposals will come in. All proposals will be discussed with you. The advantages and disadvantages of the proposals will be explained to you so that you can make the right choice. 


The contract of sale will be drawn up at the notary. We check the contract of sale for you and will be present at the notary to make sure everything is going well and to negotiate if necessary.


Before you hand over the keys at the notary, you walk through the house with the buyers and us. The estate agent will take the meter readings and inspect the house to ensure that it is delivered in the right condition. At the notary's office, the moment has come: you receive the purchase price and the keys go to the new owner. Champagne!





Jan Boter en Broodstraat, A.DAM




Rob was born in a former Amsterdam squat, as the second son in an entrepreneurial family. Rob knew at an early age that he wanted to go into real estate. When he was fourteen, he joined his great uncle's real estate company. For a number of years he worked in sales, very handy in this profession. In 2015 he ended up at Peter Bruin Makelaardij. After five instructive years he went to Eerlijk WOZ. In 2020 he decided to start his own business not long after that he met former Peter Bruin colleague Claire, the cooperation was quickly established.


Van Triest Real Estate Network was co-founded by Claire von Stralendorff. Being born in Amsterdam, Claire knows all too well what the city has to offer and is well informed about the ins and outs of the real estate market. Through her years of experience at several real estate offices and her interest in the real estate industry, Claire has developed her knowledge on several aspects of the market.


Carmen IJpma (1993) grew up in De Kop van Noord-Holland. After working at a large real estate firm, she made the choice to start at Van Triest Real Estate Network in March 2022. Carmen is responsible for the constant optimisation and digitalisation of the processes within the company, in addition she fulfils a brokerage function and is responsible for all Social Media. Her aim is to find a constant balance between the recent developments in the field of digitalising and maintaining the personal contact between candidates and clients.


Whether you want to buy or sell real estate, with us you are at the right place. Contact us without obligation.

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