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Rob was born in a former Amsterdam squat, the second son in a family of entrepreneurs. At a very young age, Rob knew he wanted to go into real estate. At fourteen he joined his great uncle's real estate company. For several years he worked in sales; he was very handy in this profession. In 2015 he joined Peter Bruin Realty. After five learning years, he went to Fair WOZ. In 2020 he decided to start for himself and not long after he met former colleague of Peter Bruin Claire, the cooperation was quickly concluded.


Van Triest Real Estate Network was co-founded by Claire von Stralendorff. A native of Amsterdam, Claire knows all too well what the city has to offer and is well-versed in the ins and outs of the real estate market. Through her years of experience at various real estate firms and her interest in the real estate industry, Claire has developed her knowledge of multiple aspects of the market.


Carmen IJpma grew up in De Kop van Noord-Holland. After working at a large real estate firm, she made the choice to start at Van Triest Real Estate Network as of March 2022. Carmen is responsible for constantly optimizing and digitizing the processes within the company. She also holds a brokerage position and is responsible for all Social Media. Her aim is to find a constant balance between the recent developments in digitalization and maintaining personal contact between candidates and clients.


Aart is responsible for real estate acquisition. After years of working in sales he decided to take up the adventure with his brother Rob and Claire. For Aart, sales is a matter of listening well and asking the right questions to get to the bottom of the customer's needs. With humor and an open mind, Aart approaches the world. As a born and bred Amsterdammer, he still likes to cycle around the block to admire the creations of his favorite architect Berlage.


Brian de Leeuwe grew up in Naarden. Father of two children. After having had two real estate agencies he has become enthusiastic again after some wandering through the fine beautiful ambition of VanTriest Real Estate Network. Brian is strong in chasing gems in terms of rental properties and properties for sale for his national and international clients. Taking them by the hand is something he considers very important. Brian makes his clients feel comfortable and confident about an important step in their lives. Searching, bidding and organizing is what he does. He does not think pawn-oriented but client-oriented.


Hannah Molenbeek was born in Amsterdam and has lived here all her life. As a purebred Amsterdammer, she knows the city like the back of her hand. Hannah is enthusiastic and driven and always does her work with a smile. She rides her scooter all over the city to visit your future apartment together with you. Besides her work as an assistant real estate agent, she studies law at the University of Amsterdam.


Sophia Chakiri is our social media manager in addition to being an assistant broker. Sophia grew up in Amsterdam and now lives in Oud-Zuid. In her free time she loves drawing, terraces and socializing with friends and family. She is very inquisitive and social. She likes to put a lot of energy into people she cares about and is therefore completely content at her workplace with the nicest colleagues. Besides her work at Real Estate Network, Sophia studies Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam.


Yara has been working as an assistant broker at Van Triest Real Estate Network since May 2022. Yara has broad interests and in addition to her work at Van Triest R.E.N. she is currently also studying Law at the University of Amsterdam. Yara herself lives in Oud-Zuid and grew up near the Amstel River. She likes to spend her free time on the field hockey field or with friends and family.